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Experienced as head of product, founder & lead engineer for multiple venture backed startups, a TechCrunch Disrupt winner, Silicon Valley stalwart & Webby Award winning social network powerhouse.

I have over a decade of experience building, designing and managing deeply technical software products. Working with me, you can expect a commitment to creative problem solving through analytical and collaboration focused work.

I will bring a user-centered, experiment-based and agile process to your team. Our success will be measured by the outcomes we drive and not just from completing a project.

What can I help you with?

Mobile Product Strategy

End-to-end strategy development for capturing large opportunities available using mobile technologies. I will bring focus to how mobile products can be a native tool for your customers as they interact with your company or platform. I will also help you navigate the common challenges from planning and budgeting to platform and tool selection.

Team & 1:1 OKR Planning

OKR is a popular framework for defining and making measurable progress on the most important personal and company objectives. I will help transition from private to public goal setting while aligning tasks with quarterly or annual goals.

Product Discovery & Customer Development

I believe in intense collaboration between product, design and engineering where you tackle the crucial risks before writing code. The purpose of discovery is to separate out the good ideas from the bad to produce validated product backlog.

MVP Definition, Implementation & Testing

The quicker we can find out whether your product will appeal to customers, the less effort and expense we spend on building that product. We can use rapid prototyping methods and quick iterations to gather valuable feedback.

Agile Development Process Implementation

There are many flavors of Lean and Agile techniques to plan and delivery your product. Together we can find the right balance of process to reduce risk and improve quality. I am not dogmatic in my approach and believe each team has their own optimal mix of agile practices. We use standups, sprint planning, design reviews, product demos, continuous integration, and retrospectives to deliver working software early and often.

Distributed Team Coaching

Distributed work is here to stay. Let me take your existing or new distributed team to the next level by coaching through expectation setting, tool selection and communication improvements.

User Experience Design

Great product design solves user problems. Having confidence that your users will know how to use the products and features you bring to market is crucial. I will develop user journeys, wireframes, brainstorms and design reviews to de-risk any usability challenges.

Team Building / Hiring Process Design / Interview Writing

Building a team is hard. I focus on developing a hiring process that brings in culture value-adds, diverse and capable team members. I will help you develop this process and execute on it to find world class talent.

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I am open to consulting, advising or full time engagements.