Co-Founder, VP of Product

May, 2011 - February, 2012

The Stakehouse team built an innovative platform to allow publishers and content creators to increase user engagement, loyalty and retention through a social, peer-to-peer betting experience.

Stakehouse.com is our 1st social betting game on this platform allowing players to compete against their friends and the community by placing bets on anything from current news to sports and politics.

Key Contributions

  • Designed and Built the Original Prototype used in Securing a $500k Angel Financing Round
  • Recruited & Hired a 4 Person Delivery Team Spanning Design, Front End Development, UX & Community Management
  • Performed Strategic Customer Development for Product Strategy & Position Verification
  • Delivered a Majority of the Application & Platform Codebase
  • Coordinated Design, Content & Community Resources for Beta Product Launch