Get Attached, Inc.

Head of Product

Sept 2016 - January 2019

Get Attached is a venture backed startup incubator exploring new platforms for personal sharing and expression by leveraging computer vision, machine learning and AI inside of revolutionary mobile app experiences.



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A mobile app utilizing cutting edge machine learning techniques to automatically and passively share your life’s best and most authentic moments to the people you care about most.

For Love, Not Likes:

Thoughts from the Co-Founder of Get Attached Labs, Doug Imbruce, on creating a necessary alternative to social media: an experiment we’re calling 10.

dgaf screens

Key Contributions:

  • Defined & measured weekly cross-functional customer driven roadmaps
  • Product specifications & wireframes for design, UX & executive stakeholders
  • Design review sessions reducing feedback cycles from weeks to days
  • Mobile build & deploy tooling including Slack bot for flexible 1-tap builds
  • All beta/release process, technical infrastructure, schedule & communication
  • Agile development processes for hybrid-remote team in multiple countries
  • Managed UX, design & branding internal & external team members
  • Customer survey, problem discovery & unmoderated usability testing
  • Custom testing & feedback tooling for production level ML pipelines
  • Analytics gathering for real-time dashboards metrics & health monitoring